Welcome to Nebulus.

Nebulus is a Python-based project that gives the content creator a place to "backup" media within the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). The more areas your content exists, the better the chance that your work will be available whenever a viewer wishes to consume your media. The idea for this service spun out of the developer's desire to help the decentralized apps (dapps) on STEEM to better compete with their centralized counterparts.

After chatting with a few Steemians (cryptocurrency earing content creators), it was clear that the developer was not the only one looking for a way to keep their media alive. We are still a very new project with lots of milestones we what to reach to provide as much value for "Nebunauts" all around the galaxy.

Nebulus is a federated service this means that there is not just one server "backing up" your media. This is important to keep the dapps decentralized because what's the point if everything hinges on a single server.

Pin Content:

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Hash To Pin:

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of IPFS your content may never be able to be removed entirely from the network. Even if ever node deletes your file from their server, the hash will more than likely still proved the end user with a copy. Please keep this in mind when uploading and never upload anything you do not want to be online forever.

This is still a beta service! Please do not use this as a backup service. We are still in the early stages of Nebulus and don't want you to lose your data. Always save a copy on an external hard drive and a separate cloud service for redundancy.

How To Use:

  1. Enter your Steem account
  2. Enter you IPFS hash
  3. Click the button
  4. Click the generated SteemConnect link

Why does this cost STEEM?

Because the servers are quite expensive. We also pay out a portion of the cost to the nodes on our network that save your media to their server, so your content stays alive. They give up their hard drive space to keep the Dapps as decentralized as possible and we want to reward them for that.

Until we get the Dapps to support their users content by sending the pin requests, the creator will have to fork the cost of the donation. The price will never go above one USD worth of STEEM to keep it accessible to all creators no matter their level of success.

Donations of STEEM or SBD to the @nebulus Steem account will help keep this service running. Be sure to add a memo to let us know the gift is for this project and we'll add your name to the coming "supporters" page. Donations help show that you would like to see further development on this project.

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Created by J. R. Swab under GPLv3 for the independent content creators around the world. | Col. 3:17